How to hold a guitar in the best possible way to play well

You must ask yourself how to hold an acoustic or electric guitar while being sited ? We’ll explain you all the possibilities to have a nice hands, arms and back position. Why you must hold a guitar the right way when site ? It is absolutely fundamental to have a good position ...Lire la suite

FAQ – How to use the MyMusicTeacher Guitar Lesson’s application

Welcome to the FAQ, or « Frequently Asked Questions » section of the MyMusicTeacher application If you’ve met a problem or a bug with our service, you might be able to find its solution right here. This article makes the inventory of the main errors met by our users and the steps ...Lire la suite

Are you really a bad guitarist ? How to overcome that and get better ?

Which beginner guitar player has never said, at least once in his life those words ” I am such a bad guitarist ” ? That is an unavoidable moment occuring pretty often within the first moments of an instrument practice. Finding yourself bad at guitar can translate into a decreasing motivation that ...Lire la suite

Easy guitar riffs to play for beginner to impress your world

You wouldn’t believe how many easy guitar riffs there is to play ! Our whole learning method on MyMusicTeacher is based on guitar riffs for beginners to play great songs as fast as possible. Progressively, we’ll shift the lessons toward more complicated songs step by step ! First of all, what is ...Lire la suite

What is it, and how to use an Equalizer, or EQ pedal for guitar ?

From all the available effect pedals for guitar, the EQ pedal (or Equalizer) is probably the most depreciated and underestimated. “ What is worth having another equalizer if I have the Bass, Mid, and Treble settings on my amp ? That’s enough no ? “ … A Good EQ thought, could save ...Lire la suite

How to play perfect slides on your guitar with a bottleneck ?

Ain’t nothing like a good resonator guitar and a bottle neck to sing the blues with an open heart. The perfect combo that smells good rural America and saloon’s cowboy. A great mix to highlight your bottleneck play. Ideal to enjoy some good slides. A bottleneck, a slide ? What’s that ?! ...Lire la suite

All about the Open Chords on the guitar and how to play them

The very first chords you learn to play on a guitar are the open chords. In fact, in contrast with the most-feared barre chords, these ones will be quite easy. They will stack on the first 4 frets of the guitar fretboard and be played without having to barre anything with your ...Lire la suite

What is an effect pedal for guitar, how to use it and what are the effects ?

You might sure have heard already of effect pedals for guitar, either in a music shop, or from another guitarist with a little more experience. The words distortion pedal, overdrive, reverb and loop tell you anything? Don’t worry, we’ll detail together all sorts of guitar pedals that are essential to your play ...Lire la suite

How to play the pentatonic scale with a guitar ? What are its uses ?

What is the pentatonic scale ? The pentatonic scale is a must-learn to all guitarists ! It’s often the first scale they learn to play ! I Allow me to guide you on a path to discover the secrets of the pentatonic scale : how its made and how to play it. ...Lire la suite

Best guitar solo for beginner and easy to play

The guitar solo is a little like the cornerstone of Rock’n’Roll. Wanting to play some straight at the begining of the practice is among the top objectives of the guitarist. They might though reveal themselves to be a little complicated… won’t them Eddie (Van Halen) ? For the beginners, we’ve assembled a ...Lire la suite