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What is it, and how to use an Equalizer, or EQ pedal for guitar ?

From all the available effect pedals for guitar, the EQ pedal (or Equalizer) is probably the most depreciated and underestimated. “ What is worth having another equalizer if I have the Bass, Mid, and Treble settings on my amp ? That’s enough no ? “ … A Good EQ thought, could save ...Lire la suite

What is an effect pedal for guitar, how to use it and what are the effects ?

You might sure have heard already of effect pedals for guitar, either in a music shop, or from another guitarist with a little more experience. The words distortion pedal, overdrive, reverb and loop tell you anything? Don’t worry, we’ll detail together all sorts of guitar pedals that are essential to your play ...Lire la suite

What is a tube amplificator for guitar ?

The tube amp : Tube ? Wait, why tube ? Back in the days where digital and micro technology didn’t exist, the first amplificators where made with tubes. Beware, here we don’t speak about the geometric figure, not at all. Here, we speak about this device that some engineers compare to a ...Lire la suite

The Archtop Guitar and its specifications

The Archtop guitar is at a crossroad between acoustic guitars, folk and classical. From the english Arched, meaning curve and Top, refering to the harmonic table, the Archtop guitar is a rather singular piece of guitar making. Quite hidden from the common guitarist world.. Technical specifications of an Archtop Guitar Its design ...Lire la suite