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How to play perfect slides on your guitar with a bottleneck ?

Ain’t nothing like a good resonator guitar and a bottle neck to sing the blues with an open heart. The perfect combo that smells good rural America and saloon’s cowboy. A great mix to highlight your bottleneck play. Ideal to enjoy some good slides. A bottleneck, a slide ? What’s that ?! ...Lire la suite

Best guitar solo for beginner and easy to play

The guitar solo is a little like the cornerstone of Rock’n’Roll. Wanting to play some straight at the begining of the practice is among the top objectives of the guitarist. They might though reveal themselves to be a little complicated… won’t them Eddie (Van Halen) ? For the beginners, we’ve assembled a ...Lire la suite

How to read a Guitar tab ?

How to read a guitar tab, a very easy tutorial video ! To read a guitar tab is a very simple exercise when you’re starting learning the guitar. You might ask yourself, but how to read a guitar tab ? It’s a common question we ask if we have to start with ...Lire la suite

Best online guitar lessons : a new way to learn with our interactive pedagogy

Learn how to play the guitar with online guitar lessons. It’s great and incredibly comfy ! Our application is the only one to be certified with two gold medals from the World Class and Prestigious Concours Lépine ; a french invention contest. Proof of the efficiency of our pedagogy. You are in ...Lire la suite