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Our guitar application is available on Android, IOS, PC and MAC. You can also follow our courses on the website. We think about your comfort and happiness.

Efficient and certified by experts

We're not like those guitar methods offering simple videos and tutorials without any Back in real time. We break the rules of this inneficient way of learning. Our new technology brings you 3.5 times more efficiency than learning alone.

  • Auto correction

    Without any other gear needed, you know if you play right or wrong within the rhythm.

  • Statistics analysis/p>

    Win points and follow your progress according to your objective !

  • Clever tips

    Our artificial intelligience engine advises you the right songs to improve !

  • Playful and motivating

    Like a video game, learning the guitar becomes fun thanks to our 3D interface.

Some pictures of our guitar video tutorials for beginners to advanced player with drawings of lessons and exercises.
  • Gold Medal

    Of the world edition of the Concours Lépine. We are the only online school to have it... in the world !

  • 2500 hours of practice

    Chords, solos, composition, famous tracks and improvisation are waiting for you !

  • Live course

    You're gathering with the community and the teach in live ! Very motivating !

  • An Awesome community

    We love you, we take care of you and we listen to you. You can chat in live with anybody !

Our students speak about it

What more beautiful than receiving everyday your kindest messages ? It's with you than we accomplish your dreams. Any suggestions ? We're always listening and never cease to improve our online guitar lessons. Our reviews are authentic and can be checked here

Christophe is one of our student who loves to play guitar solos

Christophe C.


Awesome ! I started to play guitar less than a year ago. I would have never improved myself as much and this quick without this application. It offers a smooth pedagogy. I only refreg that my personnal and professional life doesn't allow me to spend more time on it.. Keep on the good work and thank you !

A lady guitarist who loves to play different style like blues, rock, or gipsy guitar. She improved her skills with MyMusicTeacher.

Audrey R.


It's great ! The live lessons are well explained and very dynamic! Every measure of the song is detailed and practiced step by step. There are many styles available : metal, pop, rock or Les genres variés: métal, pop, rock, various... Exercises have a growing difficulty, it's perfect for beginners and players with experience. And there are so much of them ! Perfect to master technics of a style or another. I really feel like I got better since I use it, it's fun and comfy to play !

He loves playing folk and acoustic guitar and sing over simple rhythms of famous songs

Koala 31


Excellent and motivating. This application allows you to get better very quickly and in a pleasant way. The best part is to evaluate your achievements with the live correction. Moreover, if we have a question to ask the community, there is always someone ready to answer. I use the Android version as a secondary app, as I find it an excellent sidekick to the more comfortable PC version.

A huge fan of our online guitar lessons who shows her smile while playing guitar



Those online guitar lessons are marvelous ! I've started by learning how to read a guitar tab, then to set my fingers on the fretboard. Little by little, I began to play in rhythm with simple chords like major or minor ones. I got far better in this online guitar school than alone, learning from youtube tutorials. The webcm lessons where the whole community can interact and trade their tips feels like an awesome forum. It's very motivating. Brilliant.

A retired guitarist who decided to start over with MyMusicTeacher, he holds his guitar and learn on his tablet



Let it be said, at 60 years old I started over the guitar after quite a long time. I still knew how to tune my guitar but I only knew how to play music sheet. Coming here and trying this tab method, I won a tremendous amount of time and have finally been able to play my songs. The songbook is wide, it goes from rock, jazz, blues, metal to pop, reggae and other guitar styles. You can easily switch between an acoustic, folk, or electric guitar. For beginners to more advanced!

Discover the comfort of learning from your home

Imagine, you grab your guitar in hand, launch the application. You straight know what to play to get better with the instrument, because of our learning paths made of motivating exercises and quality videos sorted out according to your level.

About the access to our guitar lessons

For the price of half an hour of private guitar lesson with a teacher, you will unlock the access to all of our services, tools and instrument paths for one month. 24/7. You'll be able to learn from home, save money, and access to high-end pedagogical ressources



  • Access to all live classes
  • One trial chapter
  • 2500h of lessons and exercises
  • Print and read music sheets
  • Playback and updates


  • Access to all live classes
  • All the chapters and themed paths
  • 2500h of lessons and exercises
  • Print and read music sheets
  • Playback and updates

Discover our musical adventure

We are a young french start-up company fighting to make music learning accessible to all. A high quality app, developped by a passionated team that you can meet outside of the web site !

  • A gold medal awarding the best online guitar lessons in the world
  • A team of guitar teachers to help your learn your favorite songs easily
  • A musician standing, presenting the MyMusicTeacher app to learn guitar in South Korea
  • Our guitar teachers holding a golden Treble clef award
  • Frank, your guitar teacher giving a lesson in a mediatheque
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